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Joint disease

Admission and stay clinic


Consult veterinarian





X-ray examination


CT scan


Blood test

Healthcare costs abroad

Prevention budget

Max. fee p.year

€ 6000

€ 8500

€2,500 to €5,000


€ 3500

€ 3500

€ 5000

Own risk

You can choose from $0, $50, $100, $150 deductible per year.



You can choose from €100, €250 or €500 deductible per year.

€ 50

€ 50

€0 to €150


The “from” prices of the premiums are for small dogs and cats. If you have an adult dog or cat you will pay more for the monthly premium.

The possible coverage may apply to the insurer’s most comprehensive package; basic pet insurance policies often do not cover all options. Maximum insurance is the most comprehensive package you can purchase from the insurer. Prices and coverages from our comparator were last updated Sept. 15, 2023.


Choose carefully the insurance that suits your pet and needs. Through you can quickly and easily compare all insurers. We offer an objective view of the different insurers so you can get the right dog insurance, cat insurance or other pet insurance. One of the most chosen pet health insurance policies are OHRA pet insurance policies....

In addition to comparing all pet insurance policies, you can also find all kinds of information about animals in general. Thus, on our blog you can also read articles with information about dogs and information about cats. With this information, the team at hopes that you will gain insight into when your pet should or should not go to the vet. Perhaps you will quickly pick up small treatments such as recognizing and removing a tick yourself sooner.

View all dog breed insurance and cat breed insurance here

In addition, we have added a fun option for all dog lovers. In fact, on our website you can search for the best dog names for your new pets. In doing so, you have the opportunity to add your own dog names and vote for your favorite dog names. Finally, you also have the choice to filter by males and females, dog breeds and by the language of the dog names. For example, you can filter by French dog names, Swiss dog names, English dog names, etc.

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What is pet insurance?

Animal insurance is similar to the health insurance we also have for humans. It literally means health insurance for your pet. You can get pet insurance for as little as a relatively low monthly fee. However, it depends on what kind of pet you have and what you want insured to offer an appropriate pet insurance policy. Pet insurance is wise to purchase if you own a pet such as a dog or cat, so you won't face unexpectedly high costs. You can often purchase pet insurance easily online, which means you are instantly covered for your pet's medical expenses. Your dog or cat can play with other pets again without fear of accidents!

Why have pet insurance?

The cost depends on your choice of insurance. You can get pet insurance for as little as a relative amount per month and then add on various options. Find out what choices in insurance are available through the comparator. There is no "best insurance" because for each animal a different insurance fits best. When considering the cost of pet insurance, the main thing to consider is the:

  • Premium
  • Own risk
  • Maximum amount
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Benefits of pet insurance

What is the benefit of pet insurance? As mentioned earlier, it will save you mostly in the cost of surgery. In this way, pet insurance often provides mental and financial security. When something happens to your animal, you don't have to worry about whether an injection might be a better option because you can't afford the cost otherwise. It also lowers the barrier to approaching the veterinarian, making it much more likely you will discover what is wrong with your pet. It reduces the stress factor of having a pet. In the past, it was also possible to purchase retroactive pet insurance. This means that you could recover through insurance the cost you already paid for care for your pet when you did not have insurance. Read your insurer's policy conditions to discover if this option still exists for you.
Perhaps you can't resist those sweet eyes of your son or daughter and have secretly wanted a pet yourself for a long time, then you can always consider this pet insurance when buying or adopting a pet. If you are now expecting that paying such a premium for a pet is going to be a hassle, if you want, you can still buy or adopt a sweet and cute pet and just pay any care costs on a bill, without insurance. All in all, of course, it is your own choice and to ultimately purchase pet insurance.

What do pet insurance companies say about themselves?

You can insure your dog or cat with us. What kind of dog or cat you have doesn’t matter. We welcome all breeds, crossbreeds and non-breed dogs or cats!

We have done our best to show you that we are committed to providing you with the service and security you are looking for in pet insurance. Are you as convinced as we are? Then take out your insurance directly and online now!

PetSecur is here for all owners. Together we vouch for each other and keep the premium low. This way you will always have fun with your pet. Choose the best pet insurance from PetSecur.

With Univé’s pet insurance, you are insured for medical expenses if your dog or cat gets sick or has an accident. We will be there for you and for your pet.

With Aegon Pet Insurance, you’ll be reimbursed for unexpected medical expenses for your dog or cat up to €2,500 per policy year.

You choose which veterinarian in the Netherlands you go to and just send your bill to us. Fine idea, right?

Your pet is unique and so should your insurance. That’s why Figo offers several supplemental policies and you choose what your insurance looks like. You also completely determine the reimbursement rate and annual benefit.

What pets can you insure?

With pet insurance in the Netherlands you can insure a dog, cat, rabbit or parrot. Below you will find more information about the types of pets insured.

1. Dogs

Dogs are loyal companions, and it’s no surprise that you can insure them. Dog insurance provides coverage for vet bills, medications and even treatments such as physical therapy. At several insurers, including OHRA, Figo Pet, Petsecur, Inshared, Aegon, and Univé, you can find a suitable policy to protect your furry friend.

2. Cats

Cats are quirky and beloved pets. As with dogs, you can get cat insurance from insurers such as OHRA, Figo Pet, Petsecur, Inshared, Aegon, and Univé. These policies can help cover medical expenses for your cat, ranging from routine care to unexpected emergencies.

3. Rabbits

If you have a rabbit, you also want to take care of their welfare. But not all insurers offer coverage for rabbits. If you want to insure your fluffy friend, Figo Pet is the only insurer in the Netherlands that offers special rabbit insurance. That way you can care for your rabbit with peace of mind, knowing that medical expenses are covered.

4. Parrots

Parrots are colorful and intelligent pets, but they may also need medical care. As with rabbits, Figo Pet is the only insurer in the Netherlands to offer parrots insurance. So you can provide the best care for your winged companion without worrying about high costs.

Dogs and cats are by far the pets most often insured. Among these two categories, dog insurance is by far the most common. This is because dogs often require more medical care and treatment than other pets, due to their active lifestyles and propensity for conditions such as joint problems, allergies and diseases.

However, cats are also commonly insured, mainly because, like dogs, they are prone to various medical conditions and require regular vet visits.

While dogs and cats are the leaders when it comes to insuring pets, it is important to remember that there are also owners who choose to insure exotic or less common pets, such as rabbits and parrots. With these unique pets, however, it is important to note that not all insurers offer coverage, and the availability of insurance for rabbits and parrots is more limited compared to dogs and cats.

Experiences with our pet insurance comparator


Cost of pet insurance

The cost of pet insurance consists of several things that affect the price of insurance for your pet. Costs that are medically necessary are often covered. Below are the starting prices, for the cost per month.

Insurance company Cats Dogs Rabbits Parrots
Ohra € 12,28 € 15,96 Not possible Not possible
Petsecur € 9,99 € 19 Not possible Not possible
Figo Pet € 6,91 € 8,80 € 11,26 € 7,49
Inshared € 11,95 € 11,95 Not possible Not possible
Univé € 17,42 € 36,20 Not possible Not possible
Aegon € 9,37 € 11,95 Not possible Not possible € 12,96 € 13,44 Not possible Not possible

Pet insurance premium

Go for a competitive pet insurance premium by comparing well. The premium you set each month also depends on the financial risk you are willing to take. If you want your pet to be insured for as much as possible, you can go for a more expensive premium per month, but have fewer financial risks. If you want to take a little more risk, you can also go for a lower premium.

Pet insurance deductible

As with us, pets are subject to a deductible. The deductible varies by insurer and also depends on which package you take. The deductible can be a fixed amount per bill or a percentage of a bill. With a low bill, a percentage is cheaper, but with a high bill, a flat rate is again more advantageous.

Maximum amount for pet insurance

There is a maximum amount that can be reimbursed. So there is no unlimited payout when you buy pet insurance, and this is good to know. The most important thing to know is what is reimbursed and what is not. Quickly visit the comparator to find out which one suits you and your pet!

Why should I insure my pets?

Have you ever thought about getting a dog or cat, or adopting one? Or has your child ever looked up at you pleadingly because he/she wanted a rodent or a bird? Chances are, at that point, you decided not to get a pet. This is because it is impractical because you are not home much, or because you were already dreading the loss of a cute little animal you are very attached to, or simply because the cost is too high. Imagine having to take the animal to the vet and unexpectedly getting a bill of several hundred or thousand euros. You are not waiting for that, but there is now a solution to this: pet insurance. But aren’t there snags in that?

What is pet insurance anyway? Pet care is getting better and better, and the quality is getting better too. Animal insurance is like health insurance for humans, but for animals. An operation for a pet now costs about €1000 each time. When one takes out pet insurance, this amount, or part of it, is reimbursed by the insurance company. This means that you therefore do not have to pay this amount yourself. It is also possible to get more comprehensive pet insurance and ensure that your pet is also insured for travel abroad.

Insure your pet against unexpected medical expenses

Often it is the unexpected things that happen that cause a high bill to appear on your mat. The most common costs, such as vaccinations, are still manageable. However, when something happens that you don’t take into account, you quickly come out cold. For example, have you taken into account that an accident could happen to your pet? Or that your pet gets unexpectedly sick and needs immediate treatment? Chances are your pet will then need to be examined, and surgery may also be on the horizon. Subsequent medications may need to be used for a long time. You can insure for all of these costs. What your pets are insured for depends on the insurance you choose. It is therefore a good idea to compare pet insurance policies so that you choose the one that suits you.

In most cases, a veterinary consultation is included with pet insurance. Some consultations are excluded from this, so always check with your insurer. In addition, veterinary medicines registered in the Netherlands are also insured under an animal insurance policy. Examination, admissions and dressings are all insurable as well. Therefore, before choosing pet insurance, research carefully in advance exactly what you want insured. To make the choice easy for you, we offer a pet insurance comparator. Enter your details in the comparator and find out which pet insurance will suit your faithful pet.

Frequently asked questions about pet insurance

View answers to the most frequently asked questions about pet insurance here.

Pet insurance is health insurance for pets such as dogs and cats. Pet insurance covers your pets’ medical expenses. Unlike health insurance for humans, animal insurance is not mandatory.

The best pet insurance is OHRA’s pet insurance. This is the best-rated and most-covered pet insurance policy since 2023.

The ability to purchase pet insurance depends on both the insurance company and the specific pet you have. Below are the maximum age limits for obtaining insurance from different insurers:

  • Inshared accepts pets up to 6 years of age.
  • Aegon accepts pets up to age 6.
  • OHRA accepts pets up to age 7.
  • Petsecur accepts pets up to 7 years of age.
  • Figo Pet has no age limit, so there is no restriction on the age of the pet.
  • At Univé, you can purchase any coverage for dogs under 8 years old and cats under 10 years old. If your pet is older at the time of purchase, they only offer “Accident” coverage.

The cost of pet insurance is as low as €6.91 per month. Keep in mind that these prices are only starting rates and the final cost may vary based on various factors.

Figo Pet is currently the cheapest pet insurance. However, it is important to note that many low-cost pet insurance policies do not cover all medical expenses.

In the Netherlands you can insure your pet at OHRA, Inshared, Petsecur, Figo Pet, Aegon, Univé or

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