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18% choose


22% choose


37% choose


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Figo Pet


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Joint disease

Admission and stay clinic


Consult veterinarian





X-ray examination


CT scan


Blood test

Healthcare costs abroad

Prevention budget

Max. fee p.year

€ 6000

€ 8500

€2,500 to €5,000


€ 3500

€ 3500

€ 5000

Own risk

You can choose from $0, $50, $100, $150 deductible per year.



You can choose from €100, €250 or €500 deductible per year.

€ 50

€ 50

€0 to €150


The “from” prices of the premiums are for small dogs and cats. If you have an adult dog or cat you will pay more for the monthly premium.

The possible coverage may apply to the insurer’s most comprehensive package; basic pet insurance policies often do not cover all options. Maximum insurance is the most comprehensive package you can purchase from the insurer. Prices and coverages from our comparator were last updated Oct. 15, 2023.


What is cat insurance?

In turn, cat insurance is similar to dog insurance. However, cats and dogs need different care, and thus the insurance policies are also different. Both cat and cat insurance ensure that most health expenses are covered, depending on your choice of cat insurance. was created primarily for the Dutch-speaking. The Dutch comparison module can be found on the next page: Kattenverzekering Vergelijken.

What am I covered for with cat insurance?

You can insure your cat against almost any cost you incur in an accident involving your pet. The amount of coverage depends on the insurer and per package you take out. So the cheapest cat insurance is also not the best cat insurance. You can insure your cat for such things as:

  • Castration or Sterilization
  • A consultation with the veterinarian
  • Operations
  • Echo or CTI scan
  • Vaccination
  • Tumor surgery
  • Getting chipped
  • Dental cleaning
  • Eye removal
  • Amputation leg

Why compare cat insurance?

Through our website you can compare the different cat insurance policies and then you can easily purchase the insurance online. You purchase the insurance directly from the insurer, we just provide a tool to help you choose cat insurance. This makes it easy to see what you are or are not covered for with each insurer.

In your insurer’s policy conditions, you will find information about what is and is not covered under the basic insurance. In the policy conditions for example, these actions are discussed:

  • Admission and stay at a clinic
  • Drugs/medicines
  • Euthanasia
  • Cremation
  • X-ray examination
  • Vaccination
  • Blood test
  • Medical expenses abroad

For specific questions about coverage and treatments, you can also get in touch via social media or the insurers’ websites.

Is my cat sick?

You can recognize whether your cat is sick by several signs. For example, if your cat suddenly stops eating, doesn’t want to cuddle or if they suddenly meow a lot or are no longer housebroken. These are several signs that something is wrong and that you should take a trip to the vet.

The veterinarian will further examine your pet and develop a treatment plan based on that examination. When in doubt, always visit the vet to make sure your cat is not getting sicker.
For these visits and further treatments, you can get good insurance with cat insurance.

Suppose your kitty has to undergo an operation and you don’t have money for this your cat will suffer greatly. If you pay a monthly premium, you don’t have to worry about these unexpected costs you may face in the event of your pet’s accident. Check out our comparator and instantly close the premium for your cat.

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What causes the price of each cat insurance policy to vary?

You may find that the price varies when taking out cat insurance. This is because the price is determined by the deductible and additional insurance. Among other things, it also varies with your cat’s breed and age. Factors considered in calculating the final closing price include:

  • Insurance company
  • Gender of your cat (male or female)
  • Weight of your cat
  • Age of your cat
  • The breed of your cat
  • Your cat insurance deductible

Insurance company

The cost of cat insurance varies by insurance company. Below are the current starting prices to insure your cat.

Insurance company Cost per month (starting price)
Ohra € 12,28
Petsecur € 9,99
Figo Pet € 6,91
Inshared € 11,95
Univé € 17,42
Aegon € 9,37 € 12,96

Gender of your cat

The sex of your cat can determine whether a cat is more or less likely to get sick. In general, females get sick faster than males. This is also because females can get pregnant and therefore can also have defects faster than the male cat. So in general, the cost of vet and cat insurance for a female cat is slightly more expensive than for a male cat.

Weight of your cat

Heavier cats are more likely to break a paw than lesser cats. Logical, because the heavier the cat is, the more mass it has. Thereby, gravity works firmly on you after a jump. This also depends in part on your cat’s breed.

Age of your cat

Did you know that the age of your pet cat also matters when it comes to getting the best cat insurance? For example, you will pay a much lower premium for a young kitten than for an adult cat.

It is not even possible to insure older cats with some insurers like Petplan. The risk of death is highest in these cats. Therefore, always pay close attention when buying pet insurance and read the terms and conditions.

The breed of your cat

Treatments for your cat also vary by breed. The most convenient way to do this is to compare your cat’s insurance for each insurer on the provider’s website; this will get you to the most recent prices for each cat breed.

Maximum deductible of your cat insurance policy

Almost every cat insurance policy consists of a deductible. Suppose your cat insurance deductible for such treatment is €10, then the monthly premium will be very high for your cat insurance. However, you may also pay a €1000 deductible, but then the fixed amount per month of your cat insurance will be a lot lower than the insurance with a €10 deductible.

Our advice is always to choose a middle ground where you do not pay an overly high premium, but also do not pay a high maximum deductible for your four-legged friend. This will save you unexpectedly high costs that pet insurance also serves.

The “from” prices of the premiums are for small dogs and cats. If you have an adult dog or cat you will pay more for the monthly premium.

The possible coverage may apply to the insurer’s most comprehensive package; basic pet insurance policies often do not cover all options. Maximum insurance is the most comprehensive package you can purchase from the insurer. Prices and coverages from our comparator were last updated Feb. 11, 2023.

Frequently asked questions about cat insurance

View answers to the most frequently asked questions about cat insurance here.

The best cat insurance is OHRA’s cat insurance. This is the best-rated and most purchased cat insurance policy since 2023.

The cost of cat insurance varies depending on several factors, including the type of cat, the age of your cat, the level of coverage chosen and the insurance company. The starting prices of cat insurance policies are as follows:

  • Ohra from €12.28 per month.
  • Inshared from €12.28 per month.
  • Petsecur from €9.99 per month.
  • Figo Pet from €6.91 per month.
  • Aegon from €9.37 per month.
  • Univé from €9.37 per month.
  • from €12.96 per month.

The age at which you can insure your cat varies depending on the insurance company and the specific plan you are considering. Currently, the following ages are used for older cats:

  • InShared accepts cats up to age 6.
  • Aegon accepts cats up to 6 years old.
  • Ohra accepts cats up to age 7.
  • Petsecur accepts cats up to 7 years of age.
  • Figo Pet accepts cats up to 6 years of age.
  • Aegon accepts cats up to 6 years old.
  • Univé accepts cats up to 10 years old.
    • If your cat is over 10 years old, Univé also offers “Accident” coverage.

Figo Pet is currently considered the cheapest cat insurance. Cat insurance is available here from €6.91 per month. However, it is important to note that many cheap cat insurance policies do not cover all medical expenses.

Ohra, Petsecur and offer cat insurance with no deductible. However, this means that your cat is not insured for all coverages.

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