Rabbit insurances from the Netherlands

Rabbits are beloved pets with their fluffy ears and cuddly personalities. Whether you are an experienced rabbit parent or just beginning your adventure with these charming creatures, one thing is certain: your rabbit’s health and well-being are at the top of your priority list.

An important aspect of caring for a rabbit is medical care. Rabbits, like all pets, can get sick or injured unexpectedly. Vet visits, medications and treatments can quickly add up to significant costs. Therefore, it is no surprise that many rabbit parents consider purchasing rabbit insurance for their furry friend.

Most pet insurance policies taken out are dog insurance and cat insurance. However, your rabbit may also get sick or have an accident. So for this you can take out rabbit insurance. Insuring a rabbit in the Netherlands is only possible with Figo Pet. They are the only insurer in the Netherlands where you can get an insurance for rabbits.

Compare rabbit insurance packages

Rabbit insurance can be purchased here from as little as €8.92 p/m. Below are the different packages from Figo Pet for which your rabbits can be insured.

Benefits of rabbit insurance

Getting rabbit insurance brings many benefits. After all, it can cost a lot to do surgery for your rabbit. You can easily avoid this with rabbit insurance. With this you pay a fixed monthly premium and you will not suddenly get unexpected costs.

A rabbit insurance brings many advantages. After all, it can cost a lot to do an operation for your rabbit. You can easily avoid this with rabbit insurance. With this you pay a fixed monthly premium and you will not suddenly get unexpected costs.


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What costs is my rabbit covered for with rabbit insurance?

The long-term medical costs of a sick rabbit are usually higher than rabbit insurance. You can think of it as having your own health insurance for your rabbit. However, the costs of the best rabbit insurance policies are even lower than for humans. You pay a fixed monthly premium with Figo Pet. The amount of deductible will mainly determine how many euros per month to pay.

For specific questions about coverage and treatments, you can also get in touch via social media or the insurers’ websites.

What kind of rabbits can you insure?

Bij Figo Pet is er goed nieuws voor alle konijnenliefhebbers: alle soorten konijnen kunnen worden verzekerd. Of je nu een Nederlands hangoor, een Vlaamse reus, een dwergkonijn of een ander konijnenras hebt, Figo Pet biedt uitgebreide verzekeringsopties om de gezondheid en het welzijn van jouw konijn te beschermen.

Figo Pet begrijpt dat elk konijn uniek is, en daarom bieden ze aanpasbare plannen die passen bij je budget en de specifieke behoeften van je harige metgezel. Of je nu je konijn wilt beschermen tegen onverwachte medische kosten of gewoon gemoedsrust wilt hebben, Figo Pet is er om te helpen.

Dus, of je nu een speels dwergkonijn hebt of een zachtaardige reuzenkonijn, overweeg een Figo Pet-verzekering om ervoor te zorgen dat je konijn de beste zorg krijgt, ongeacht wat de toekomst brengt. Bij Figo Pet kun je alle soorten konijnen verzekeren en ervoor zorgen dat je harige vriend altijd de liefdevolle zorg krijgt die hij verdient.

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Frequently asked questions about rabbit insurance

View answers to the most frequently asked questions about rabbit insurance here.

Rabbit insurance is health insurance for rabbits. Rabbit insurance covers your rabbit’s medical expenses. Unlike health insurance for humans, rabbit insurance is not mandatory.

Here are the typical coverages you can expect in a rabbit insurance policy: accidents, medical expenses, surgical procedures, medications, vet visits, diagnostic test, recovery therapies, dental care. and alternative therapies

The cost of rabbit insurance varies depending on several factors, such as the type of rabbits, the age of your rabbit and the level of coverage chosen. The cost of rabbit insurance is from €7.49 per month at Figo Pet.

The cheapest rabbit insurance is from €7.49 per month at Figo Pet.

Figo Pet has no age limit, so there is no restriction on the age of your rabbit. Figo Pet is the only insurer where you can buy rabbit insurance.

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